Benefits of a managed print environment

When changing from a typical print environment to a managed print environment you can expect to see the following benefits:


One of the key reasons to move to managed print is to take control of your print costs. Most businesses have no idea of their actual print costs and overlook, or underestimate the cost of printing to their business. It is normally a shock to business directors to realise that printing is their largest unmanaged expense and can easily represent 3-5% of turnover*. In a managed print environment print costs are often reduced by up to 60%.
*Office printing can easily represent 3-5% of company turnover.


By standardising print equipment businesses save time and money in managing their office printing. A standardised and well designed print environment frees up time for staff to focus on their core job roles and not on non-productive printer related tasks.

All service, support and supplies come from one source, creating a clear and functional print environment. Ordering of supplies is generally an automatic process controlled by software within the printers, and with pre-agreed print costs, you don't have to worry about how much toner is being used on high coverage print jobs.


Most businesses are a mix mash of printer models, brands and styles. The print environment has grown organically through departmental purchases (often with no consultation from technical staff) and no real thought has gone into the purchases. Running costs, benefits over other brands, warranty, ease of use, access to supplies, consideration to internal technical staff etc have often been overlooked when selecting a new printer. Oki Managed Print spend time in ensuring the most effective model for the specific department is selected. A dept printing 5000 A4 duplex colour prints per month does not generally need the same printer as another dept printing 200 A4 colour prints per month.
* Products chosen to add maximum functionality at minimum cost.


In a typical print environment employees time is often wasted dealing with non-productive print related tasks. Because a typical print environment has generally grown organically with no standardisation on product type or product brand, there are many hidden costs to businesses as a direct result.

Technical calls to suppliers relating to printer support

Purchasing of supplies often from multiple suppliers

Dealing with the admin relating to each purchase, troubleshooting printer issues etc. In a managed print environment, other than using the devices, there is very little need for employee involvement.


With Oki Managed Printing solutions you will be creating a print environment in line with your eco responsibilities.

Reduced carbon footprint, through more efficient printing processes

Expert disposal of redundant equipment

National programmes for the recycling of consumables

Latest technologies, for lower environmental impact

Enhanced functionalities for efficient handling of resources

Reduced paper wastage through printing on demand

Since opting for a managed print solution we have saved over 30% on our annual printing costs. It is also great to know we are reducing our carbon footprint while saving money, just from one decision!

TAK Credit Management

If companies adopted the most efficient printing processes, resource usage could be reduced by the equivalent of up to 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the roads.

Smarter Print Management - Controlling Costs and Environmental impacts in EMEA, centre for economics and business research, March 2009

Protect you business information!


It will always be a priority for businesses to protect their confidential data. Printing has often opened up weaknesses in data protection with important documents often being lost within the processes of busy office printing environments. Security of data is something Oki Managed Printing Solutions takes seriously and a number of key product features have been designed to give you the peace of mind you require. As part of a print solution we will provide:

Advice on implementing secure workflows

User authentication protects your sensitive documents

User identification options for secure document output

Easier compliance with data protection regulations

Protect you business information!

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