Four Steps to Optimise your Printing

Oki Managed Prints ensure you get the best solution for your office printing demands. With our flexible approach to managed print we will provide a bespoke solution which will cater for each department and print / document management requirement your business has. These 4 easy steps allow us to truly create a solution specific to your needs, whilst ensuring you are confident and clear about the print structure we are recommending.


On initial contact we will arrange to come to your premises and discuss what you wish to achieve from your print environment. We will then assess your current set up by performing a network and walk through audit. This will give us a full breakdown of every device (printing, scanning, copying and faxing) in your business and each devices usage over a period of time.


Based on the data collected and the print / document requirements you have, we will put together a structured print management proposal which will streamline your business printing and enhance your overall document management for the business, We will present back to you exactly how much you are currently paying to run your print environment and will also provide data relating to the hidden costs associated with your current set up. The proposal will clearly demonstrate the cost savings we can offer you, and will also provide a bespoke solution to perfectly cater for each departments print / scan / copy/ fax requirements. The proposal will be flexible and upgradeable, you may wish to add or remove printers as departments change, you may need network scanning or secure printing, whatever your need Oki Managed Print will have the right solution. The most important thing is it will be transparent, you will always know your exact print costs from day one.


On your go ahead we will begin the transformation of your print environment. Our sympathetic approach to upgrading print structures will mean the minimum of disruption to your business. A step by step implementation program will be agreed and managed throughout. Each department will be given comprehensive training on the products relevant to them and will be provided contact numbers for support , supplies etc. Disposal of redundant equipment will be arranged by us (for free) and performed in an environmentally friendly manner in line with our own eco obligations.


We will keep you regularly informed about your print usage and any other relevant document management statistics, this can be quarterly, monthly or as often as you like. The aim of this is to keep you aware of your ongoing print costs, but also to identify other areas within your document management environment which are evolving and could benefit from further change, We often move / adjust products within a managed print environment to add further streamlining and benefits to the customers workflow. Through our continued assessment and ongoing recommendations you will be assured of the best printing and document management process available.

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